Flower Of Flesh And Blood (An Antiquity)

by Svefn Plural

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Dreams In Polaroid single the last installment before the album debut by Svefn Plural. The CD also contains three bonus tracks from previous sessions which actually was meant to be the album. But cut off due to later on creations. The package is white thick box with a Polaroid (printed) photo on it and a two panel booklet in it. The music varies from avant-garde jazz to noise. And must appeal to everyone whoever interested in artistically produced aural paintings.

Most people disgraced the relation of the music and the artwork. They thought they did not go together well. But I simply can’t think of any other imagery could go this well with the music. What I try to say is that what people generally do is to look for a direct literal relationship. If the music itself is quite imaginative and the artwork is imaginative too they can exist within a same realm no matter what they hold inside. Besides the feeling is close too, it’s a perfect visual representation without being a cliché or a spoiler.

If we have to compare them emotionally we can go from the post mortem photography of a baby. To me it proves humans materialist approach. If you would not tell the viewer that the baby is actually dead it would be a picture of cuteness but if you would tell them that it’s dead it’s the opposite. It still is beautiful and there is something totally otherworldly looking into that photography. I think that these kinds of arts tend to take us to an edge near something unknown, perhaps like In Absentia rather than Daphnis Et Chloe which shows otherworldly beauties. Personally speaking that photography can achieve that on me with all this flowers and inscriptions written around, it really is a flower of flesh and blood.

My mother was horrified when she realized where the title came from. A movie of torture lasting for an hour inspired from a snuff movie.

This record is released by the British label mrsvee but is distibuted by Burning Shed. Please go ahead to www.burningshed.com/store/mrsvee/ and buy the record from there.

released 02 July 2011


released July 11, 2014

Atay Ilgun - Everything
Sukru Soncul - Keyboards, Pianos
Matt Juen - Nautilus Co-Production
Ahmet Polat - Drums on Dreams In Polaroid



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